Wednesday, 27 May 2009


I would love to have the time and subjects to paint and draw more portraits. When I lived in student flats at University it was great to have lots of willing subjects available! Hopefully I'll find some time and people to get back into portraiture again someday. For now I'm happy to enjoy the amazing variety and beauty of portraits on Flickr - there are some stunningly talented people out there, here are some of my favourites:

1. Alma Garret, 2. Disturbed, 3. susan, 4. SUEÑOS DE BAILAR, 5. V, 6. Commissioned George, 7. Misia, 8. Paula Ramires - Portrait, 9. M6, 10. grief I, 11. SARAH VAUGHAN (American Jazz Vocalist) re-post from 2008 by request, 12. Rostro ( Autorretrato), 13. study #2, 14. sp drawing, 15. pastel portrait of laura from 07, 16. version

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Paula Ramires said...

Hey! thanks... I´m the girl in the portait 8... thanks for the compliment to my father painting.

Cecca said...

Hi Paula,
Sorry, I've only just seen this comment!
It's a great portrait!


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