Saturday, 7 June 2014

Exhibiting is Important to me

Exhibiting is important to me
I don't wear make up
Or expensive clothes
I don't make speeches
Or fancy prose

I am no writer
I do not act
I no longer dance on tables
Or compete at poker
I use my time

For a single urge
I paint and draw
I design and create
I carve and engrave
Rolling and pressing

Mixing and printing
Drying and aligning
Print and repeat
Select and edition
Mount and frame

A chance arises
A new selection
Frame and string
Package and deliver
Curate and hang

Promotions are tricky
Like speech or performance
What and how to expose
To who
I don't like to ask

I am too English
Can't presume or impose
Take up your time
Request your presence
And now it's too late

The show goes on
I have my share
Of interest and luck
Passers by and holiday makers
But I wish I had been braver

It may not be
The Main Event
The exhibition of a life time
But it is a piece of me
Two years work

In a few years
There will be another
With different work
I will try harder
Next time


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