Saturday, 24 September 2016

4th RedBubble Front Page & New Designs

Yey, been featured on the front page for the 4th time by Redbubble :-).
My Robots in Space design which I just uploaded yesterday is being featured in 'Found'!

I've also just added a shiny big new banner for my shop home! It would be lovely to hear any comments or thoughts on it?

I'm also quite behind on my 'New Designs' and 'Sales' posts. I've had quite a few great sales lately - huge thank yous to all of the lovely people who have bought any of my designs!

And I've added quite a few new designs. Below are some of my latest designs:

If you have bought anything please share photos on social media with the tag CeccaDesigns…
And if there is a design you’d like to see on a particular product (and I've missed it), please let me know!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Front page & Foxy sales

I had my 3rd lovely RedBubble homepage feature earlier this month and it’s created lots of interest in my Fox design ‘Stargazing – Fox in the Night’. A big thank you to RedBubble & Thank you to everyone who has bought something! I’ve sold skirts, bags, t-shirts, throw pillows, tank tops and cards! Not to mention lots of cards and stickers too, thank you!
Here are some of my recent sold things:

I’ve also been uploading lots of new designs but I’ll save them for another day :-).

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Japanese Garden - New pattern

I've entered my first pattern competition!

This pattern is entered for 'The Sprout Patterns Design Challenge' - For a Japanese Garden-themed design to go on their new Asaka Kimono. The winner’s design will be featured in the launch of the new kimono pattern and all top-ten designers get prizes.

If you have a spare few minutes I would love your vote!
You can vote here:

And see my fabric design here -

If you haven't heard of it before, Spoonflower is a great site where you can get your designs turned into fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper. Sprout Patterns is their partner company where you can have any fabric pattern printed into specific pattern pieces for clothing.

I've also listed a few different colourways of the pattern in my RedBubble store, so it's available on a number of lovely items including:

Japanese Garden - Red & Gold Chiffon Top 
Japanese Garden, Blue, Cushion

 Japanese Garden, Blue Chiffon Top

 Japanese Garden, Blue, green and pink Ipad case

Japanese Garden Iphone case

Monday, 14 March 2016

Number 1 on RedBubble for today!

My Poole Quay print is being featured on RedBubble's home page today. And it seems to have the Number 1 spot! Yey! :-) 

They're also doing 20% off today, just use code GIMME20

Check out the home page here -
Or hope straight over to my portfolio page here -

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Since becoming a full time mum (2 yrs ago) I’ve been taking a bit of a break from printmaking but a few months ago I started to find time for a slightly different kind of art. And I quickly became addicted to digital pattern making. As an art form it doesn’t need too much space, or make much mess, or need long periods of time devoted to it. So it is much easier to fit into my life at the moment.
So far I’ve created quite a number of patterns and uploaded some of them to Spoonflower (a fabric/wallpaper site) and some to Redbubble (who do T-Shirts, mugs, phone cases and art prints etc). I’m hoping to develop some pattern collections in the future. And I’m planning to re-imagine some of my linocut print designs as patterns too. 
My Spoonflower shop is here –’ve only got 4 designs for sale at the moment but lots more show up if you click ‘Designs not for sale’.
My Redbubble shop is here - I’ve set up a number of patterns plus a couple of my linocuts and a watercolour on there so far.
Here are a few of my patterns so far:

Elephants (green & blue) 
 Fish (work in progress)
 Natural forms
 Ducks and frogs in the garden (Teal)
Striped Pigs & Ponies (Peach Melba)


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