Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Etsy Visual Artists Street Team

I've just joined the VAST team, for Etsy Visual Artists! It looks like a great group of talented artists :-) And I've made my first post to their blog: My first VAST team Blog!

Here is the painting I posted for my blog, it's the latest in my experiments into slightly abstract, slightly cubist still life and it's called 'Yellow Vase':
I'm really happy with it, I love the blues and the contrast with the mustard yellow - gorgeous! And I had great fun with the patterns in the background. I've uploaded it to my Etsy Shop, so it's up for grabs! http://www.dickandfranny.etsy.com/

The other painting I've posted to VAST is this watercolour called 'Church'. I really love this too, again, slightly experimental with the stylised trees. I was a bit shocked to see how much I've reduced it to! Oh well!

To see all of my VAST Sale items you can go straight to this link:


There are some fab bargains! I've probably been a bit too generous because I'd really like to kick start my sales! :-)

Monday, 3 November 2008

Blue Monday

Blue Monday
Originally uploaded by Franny B
As I was uploading some of my latest paintings to my Etsy shop I couldn't help notice all the blues.
I love blue and it shows!
Here is a small selection of the original blue art available in my shop at the moment :-)


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