Monday, 18 May 2009

Chunky Charms

I've been doing quite a bit of beading on and off over the past few months - here are some of the results.

1. rich harvest, 2. disco black , 3. treasure chest, 4. pink & aqua, 5. egyptian queen, 6. red and black , 7. purple & bronze, 8. apple green & silver, 9. silver & plum, 10. owl necklace, 11. blue, 12. green & mean, 13. green & mean, 14. woodland, 15. aqua, 16. chunky berry
Created with fd's" Flickr Toys.

I sold a few of them at the Hastings exhibition and I started listing them in my Etsy store yesterday and I've had a sale already! yay!

Please visit my shop for more:


Thomas Whetnall said...

I like the one with the owl. but boys dont get to wear pretty jewelry.


Cecca said...

Thanks Tom :-)
You can wear whatever jewellery you feel like! :-)


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