Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Circles & Sales

I've been having a great week for sales, I've sold a couple of paintings, a couple of bracelets and a few cards!!! Which is great - It seems that my little Etsy shop is picking up some views and building up an audience. It's great to know that people like my work and I'm getting some really lovely feedback too.

I've also not been doing too badly with sales in my CafePress shop. I started selling on CafePress nearly 2 years ago now. Their products are great - it's such a nice idea, anyone can upload photos or their own designs and paintings and the site will print your images on any of a range of products when someone places an order. So the site takes care of the production and postage of your items for you and you earn a small commission when your designs sell - genius!

So far my best selling item is my 'Circles' throw pillow - it is gorgeous, so I'm not surprised :-)

I've also sold a fair few of the same design on T-shirts:

I also recently sold this framed print - it's great to think that my work is hanging on walls across the world now! This week I've sold paintings, cards and jewellery to America, Canada, Russia and the UK, wow! :-)

The only drawback in the past has been that the site was US based, with all of the prices in dollars. But now they've got a UK version, with prices in pounds which is great!

Please have a look at my online shops to see more of my art and many more exciting products!

My UK Cafe Press site:
My US Cafe Press site:

My Etsy store for Original Art and Jewellery:

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