Monday, 2 May 2011

Postcard Portraits

I'm still loving JKPP and still trying out new styles. I just can't help doing something different everytime. I'm sure I could develop more if I stuck to one style for a bit longer but I just can't resist switching techniques and medium after almost every picture...

Until now! After trying a postcard sized watercolour portrait I have managed to stick to this style (for some of the time anyway). Here are some of my latest paintings, all watercolours painted on postcard sized watercolour paper.

Stella Tooth ~ Portrait Artist from London.
Postcard sized watercolour
Find out more about Stella and her art at her website here

Susanne Dutoit ~ Artist
Postcard sized watercolour
See Susanne's stunning art on her photostream here

Paulien Maria ~ Documentary Film maker
Postcard sized watercolour
Visit Paulien's Blog here

Arturo Espinosa ~ Artist
Postcard sized watercolour
See Arturo's beautiful artwork on his photostream here

You can see all of the portraits I've done for Julia Kay's Portrait Party here
And you can find out more about the Party at the JKPP Blog

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