Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Broadway Melody

I've got a lovely new scanner and I've started scanning and uploading my vintage books and songsheets to Flickr. A lot of them are quite tatty, but the illustrations are still great!

Broadway Melody - Written by Arthur Freed, composed by Nacio Herb Brown:

There may be streets that have their sorrow,
They built that street for smiling faces;
A tear today, a smile tomorrow;
Of glum folk there you'll find no traces;
But there's a street that lives in glory,
For down that road of life and chatter,
It always tells the same old story.
It's only happy people matter.

Don't bring a frown to old Broadway,
You've got to clown on Broadway.
Your troubles there are out of style,
For Broadway always wears a smile.
A million lights, they flicker there,
A million hearts beat quicker there.
No skies of gray on the great White Way,
That's the Broadway Melody.

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