Monday, 9 November 2009

Christmas Watercolour - Help!!?

I've recently been aiming for a loose, expressive style along the lines of Shirley Trevena's work. In this painting I was trying to do a Christmas themed still life, playing with pattern, paint and perspective a bit. But I didn't plan the composition very well! I'm pretty happy with the teddy bear, but I added the teacup quite late on and now it looks as though it's sprouting from the bear's foot. The kettle's spout isn't placed very well either....

Overall I'm quite pleased with the bear and kettle, but the foreground composition has really made a mess of the whole thing. I'd be very interested to hear any feedback or comments you have? I've posted the painting on Flickr and added it to a number of critique groups, and I've already been getting some really helpful feedback!

My current thoughts are that I could cut the elements out of the painting (bear, kettle, angel, cup) and start again as a collage. I could also bring in some Christmas ephemera and other bits and pieces that might add something to the composition and textures...

If anyone has any suggestions on what I could do to fix or improve this painting I would be very grateful to hear them!


The Garden Bell said...

I like the collage idea. I'd put down the brush so you don't over paint. For some reason I think the cup blends into the bears foot. Maybe it needs some more shadowing to separate better.

I mostly work in yarn, but have picked up my watercolors and brushes in my past.

Can I follow your journey?

Cecca said...


Thanks for your suggestions! I'm getting so many good ideas now (mainly on Flickr) it's going to be hard to decide what to do..

Your crochet blankets are beautiful! I love the patchwork cosiness of them.

Of course you can! :-)


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