Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Shop Redesign

I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking but I thought it would be fun to rearrange my Etsy shop's categories from sensible categories like 'prints', 'original art', 'jewellery' and 'cards' into interesting themes....

So, at the moment I have the following categories:
Autumn Harvest

English Country Garden

Coastal Creations

Rainbow Brights

Urban Jungle

Eastern Promise

I do quite like the groupings, it makes me feel like there is some method to my madness, and that I am drawn to particular themes.

I do love the sea and I always want to paint more beach huts, boats and coastal scenes. I love autumn colours and textures - leaves & berries, golden and warm. But the same goes for bright, strong colours, I don't generally like pale, washed out shades. I would really like to spend more time on the 'Eastern' style stuff, Morocco, India, Egypt - all hot and spicy colours and rich textures, but contrasted with some deep dark shades and intricate details, mmm!

Most of all I like categorising things!

But, I think it probably makes my shop pretty tricky to navigate. It wouldn't be quick to find all the prints, or earrings, without going to the trouble of searching for them. So I think I should go back to my original categories. But I'll leave it for a few days in case it grows on me..

What do you think? Terrible idea?

Any comments or suggestions you have would be great :-)

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