Monday, 13 April 2009

Interview with an Artist - Thomas Whetnall

Tom studied Illustration at the University of Westminster. A mixed media artist and illustrator, his work ranges from detailed pen and ink drawings to painterly digital designs. He has recently designed a series of health promotion illustrations for the NHS in Wandsworth, so you may have seen his work on the side of London buses or in the London Underground. You can see more of Tom's work at

Name: Thomas Whetnall
How would you define your artistic style? Slightly odd inky drawings
When did you start? 2004 ish
What is your favourite media and why? I like cheep, water soluble ink. It's unpredictable and interesting to work with. I can go through loads of it without worrying.
How long does it usually take you to complete an artwork? An individual drawing will take an hour at most. Formulating an image and making a version i'm happy with can take ages though.
What advice would you give other budding artists? Don't over think. It will ruin every thing.
What or who is your inspiration? Nature, science and history.

Which artist, past or present would you most like to meet? Meeting a caveman would be pretty neat. or leonardo da vinci.
Do you find art relaxing? No, it is stimulating.
Which is your favourite gallery and why? The natural history museum, because you can't improve on the marvels of nature.

How do you define Art? Illustration of nothing in particular.

For more of Thomas's work see his website and blog:

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